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Welcome to Xcapewithlinh! This is where you can get lost in the experiences I go through and share your experiences with me, whether it is what you ate yesterday, your last memorable adventure, your insecurities, etc. I will be talking about everything and anything and this is a way for me to share with you all about me and who I am. So I hope you stay and follow with me throughout this wonderful journey because I am super excited to learn more about you all and be connected!

WHERE DOES THE NAME “X.C.A.P.E” come from?

My blog’s name is XCAPE because when I think of fashion I see it as an escape from my reality. It is my own utopia. I love dressing up! So my blog is about my life and hopefully I am able to spread my passion and share it with everyone and anyone that comes across my page. If you follow me on Instgram, you have probably noticed two big things about me 1) I am a cat lady! 2) I love loveee motivational quotes because that is how I motivate myself and hopefully you guys can be motivated as well to chase after your dreams.

My name is Linh. I am now 24 years old 🙂 I am Vietnamese (a little French-this is how inherited freckles) . You probably are wondering how I started this blog and if this had anything to do with my major in college? (if you are not lol I will tell you anyway!)

I majored in Finance w/ a concentration in Risk and Insurance in college. However, I have always had an interest when it comes to fashion. I would spend countless hours looking at clothes, accessories, shoes, etc. Let’s just say I am a shopaholic. I remember growing up, as most of little girls, I had tons of Barbies. I would spend time hand sewing clothes for my Barbies and play dress up with them. As I got older, I wanted to major in fashion merchandising, however, as a safe bet for my parents I went with Finance. Till this day, fashion is still my passion. I enjoy dressing up in different outfits; it’s my way of escaping. Most people may think it is silly but dressing up to me in different outfits allows me to be creative and put my own style in what I am wearing. My outfits typically tells a story and pertains to my mood and the occasion I am attending. It is really my creative outlet.

In high school, I began to sew clothes for myself because if you couldn’t tell; I am petite! Sometimes, it is hard to find clothes that would fit me the right way. Well, prom was approaching, and I could not find a dress that fits my preference. I decided to sew my own dresses. When I was making my prom dresses, that was when I realized, I really love doing this. When sewing or looking at different types of outfits that I can wear, I lose track of time in the day. The big picture is that I love being able to express myself with the way I dress, how I accessorize and that I can be myself in a unique way. Dressing up has always been for myself and I love that it makes me feel confident.

So with that said, I have been telling myself, I still want to do something with fashion whether I make a living out of it or not because it makes me happy. Since I’ve graduated college, I would think to myself, it is probably way too late now for me to start anything. But really, it is never too late to do what you love.

I finally got enough courage and XCAPEWITHLINH was born on July 4th, 2014. I hope I can share my passion with everyone that comes across my page. I will try to blog as much as I can with my busy (REALITY) work life.

- I have freckles
- I am obsessed with my cat name Izzy
- In high school, I played lacrosse (continued in college), cheered & JROTC
- I love to stay active, whether it is playing a sport or going to the gym -yes I lift! :)
- As much as I love fashion and things relating to it…I do not know how to put on make up besides eyeliner & mascara: D So if anyone if nice enough, give me some tips! and last but not least, I LOVE FOOD, especially Fried Chicken (this is the key to my heart!)

Love, Linh