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It’s Friday once again! I love that this week has gone by very fast! Maybe because I am so excited for Halloween this year! Yesterday I went to Universal Studios for the first time to attend the Halloween Event there. Boy, let me tell you! It was SO SCARY! I usually do not like going to haunted houses or anything scary because I am a crybaby. But I definitely gave into peer pressure this year and did not want to miss out on this. I am also going to San Diego for Halloween! What are you guys doing? Any plans?

So I really wanted to do a fall photo-shoot. But as you can see, I live in California and I cannot seem to find fall weather scenes near my apartment unless I go further up north! I then figured I will probably burn up in the sun in fall clothing so I decided to grab my bikini and take myself to the beach instead!

I really love how this bikini is designed! The fact that it is white with pink, purple and blue floral prints on them sold me. I also love that it is a halter-top! Why? Halter-tops are perfect for women with tall and/or broad shoulders. However, as you can see I am not tall – haha – but I sure have broad shoulders! Halter-tops can be worn well by almost any kind of body shape. They attract attention to the center of the body, cut out the broad shoulder lines, and add curves! Although, if you are more gifted than I am as in being bustier, do pay more attention since this neckline can also make you look wider than you actually are. I also love the back design; something about crisscross designs is so sexy to me. But they sure do give you weird tan lines! So make sure you load up on sunscreen!

I’ll let you in a little secret about this shoot and how it happened. This shoot was not planned. As I mentioned above I wanted to do a fall shoot and that didn’t work out because it was extremely hot outside. So at the last second I changed my mind and went to the beach. I had the bikini with me but I did not have the sunglasses that I pictured in my head for this bikini. I knew I wanted round sunglasses to create a more retro look. I arrived at the beach and began searching for sunglasses at the shopping carts around the pier. I finally found the perfect round sunnies for this shoot.

As I began walking towards the beach, I also wanted to be in the water with calm waves up to my waist. However, none of this worked out! The day I decided to conquer my fear to get into the water, the swells were extremely high and the lighting was not right when I got into the water, so I shot around the boardwalk instead. I guess what I am trying to tell you is that things don’t always go according to plan.

If you are like me, you like to be in control and have a plan for everything. I suppose you can call me a control freak when it comes to these things. I like to have a plan for anything and everything, but for this shoot, it was all me being out of control and working with what I have in front of me. Sometimes you have to accept that just because your plans don’t go as you planned, it doesn’t mean it’s ruined. You make the most of your situation, whatever that entails. Part of it is being spontaneous, creative, and open to uncertainties. The shoot actually didn’t turn out bad. Since my bikini is mostly white, with the carnival rides in the background, it made the shoot so much more vibrant!

I think I will do more spontaneous shoot from now on! Just kidding! But I did learn a valuable lesson and that is to not freak out when I am not in control. I’ve learned to stay calm and accept that I don’t have to stress about things that are out of my hands. In this situation I was forced to think on the spot of how I want this shoot to look and work with what I have instead of focusing on what I don’t have. When was the last time you guys did something spontaneous and actually enjoyed it?

Happy Halloween weekend!

Love Linh,

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27 thoughts on “Go With The Flow”

  1. You have an amazing beach bod dear and I love how this floral print bikini looks on you! And yes let’s not freak out about perfection. If anything, people love what is real and relatable, which is why I’m trying to let go of a lot of things. Spontaneity also gives you more surprises and adventures.


  2. The shoot worked out well. I love detailed straps on sports bras and bikinis. It’s my favourite feature, so I love this. Girl, your skin is so good. I wish mine stayed nice when I moved to California from Canada. The dry climate has wreaked havoc on me. I’ve never broken out so much in my life!


  3. I love this bikini on you, the details on the back are so cute and love the floral print too. I’m glad the shoot worked out hehe, I know sometimes things can go unplanned but the spontaneity makes it so perfect. I love the photos too!

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose

  4. That’s something I’m working very hard on, Linh! To go with the flow. It’s against my (self made up) laws of nature to let “things happen” and not stick to the plan, but reading your post AND seeing your pics tell me I should loosen up at bit and just let things happen some times. I’ll probably never let go of control completely, but I could do with some more spontaneous action at times. 🙂
    Thanks for giving me a reminder that life isn’t all about planning, but that it should be about having spontaneous fun as well!

  5. Not only do I la-la-LOVE your cute ‘kini, but I’m so proud of you for just going with the flow and killing it during a spontaneous photoshoot! I giggled when I saw the pic of you holding Dippin Dots and had to show it to Brandon because that’s where he worked in Florida! He was like “Yes, Linh!!!” Hahah!

    Stephanie //

  6. First I am a big fan of your beauty. you look amazing and your body is too die for. I already miss the summer! So lucky you get to enjoy it a little bit longer. Have a great day


  7. You are GORGEOUS girl!! Love that lip color with your coloring! And I definitely haven’t gotten to shoot any fall scenes either unfortunately…LA sucks that way but this year it seems like leaves are changing even later than usual =(

    xx freshfizzle

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