So I find myself wanting to buy a brand new phone because advertisements promote slicker and better designs. But what’s the point of buying one for that purpose if I end up putting a bulky case on it? I don’t know about you, but I have an iPhone 6s Plus, so putting a bulky case on it will do the opposite of being slim and slick. I have to admit, those cases do give the phone the protection it needs, especially for a clumsy person like me.

However, I really want to show off the phone itself, so finding a stylish case without adding bulk is a tall order. I cannot tell you how many phone cases I’ve had – I’ve tried LifeProof, Otterbox, leather cases, and other customized cases. The name brand cases were great at protecting my phone, but they were way too bulky for my taste plus there were not many designs/color to choose from.

I’ve always liked having my own unique case such as a picture of my cat, a favorite quote, or an image of something I like to be my phone case. I’ve had a few customized cases, but the designs I picked always faded off after a while and I would have to constantly replace the case.

I came across Case App and discovered that I can design my own cases for my phone and a skin for my laptop! Matching covers?! I gave them a try and hoped that the products would hold up. I didn’t create my own design because I honestly fell in love with one of their designs. The marble and the blush pink got my attention!

The process of buying the case for my phone and the skin for my laptop was very simple and straightforward. Matter of fact, most of my time was spent on trying to find a design or trying to design my own case because it was fun. Since I am such an indecisive person, I couldn’t make up my mind on how I want to customize it, so I went with one of their designs. The order process was pretty simple, and shipment was easy. I received my products fairly quickly with no delivery problems

My first thought when I touched the phone case was “omg, this is so smooth!”. My old phone cases were always very rough especially if they were rubber cases. I have a tendency of putting my phone into my back pocket and with the rubber cases I’ve had, I find it hard to do so. Also, the rubber cases attracted lots of dirt. So I am really liking this new case because the texture is so smooth. I can put it anywhere without it attracting dirt.

Now, onto the laptop skin, the texture is a little different than the phone case, it is a rougher texture but still maintains the smoothness to it. The skin was also very easy to put on, it is literally a giant sticker for your laptop. You take it off and stick it onto your laptop and within seconds, your laptop is looking stylish!

Overall, I really enjoyed my experience with CaseApp. The cases were beautifully designed quality products. The pattern doesn’t peel off or fade, so I will likely use them again when I want a different design! If you guys want to purchase one of their lovely designs or create your own! Use my code for 20% discount! “XCAPEWITHLINH20”

Love, Linh

25 thoughts on “Marble Case Is What You Need”

  1. there are many case in the market and having with lovely designs, but that you shared today, I love that marble print ! Thanks for caring !
    because sharing is caring!!

    Faiza Alam

  2. CaseApp is a great brand with some really great pieces. I’ve gotten a laptop case from them and I want to get a phone case now. I just love everything marble. Ann-Marie

  3. The marble cases for your phone and computer looks so sleek, modern, and minimal! I love it. I enjoy rotating different phone cases for fun.. but at the end of the day, I think customizing your own case is definitely way better cause you can make the case just the way that you want it. 🙂 For me, I would also prefer a minimal design like the marble design you did.

  4. Such pretty matching phone cases! I love marble and pink, so these are a perfect combo! Definitely a great set to have! Love these – they sound great!


  5. Yes Im so obsess with marble!!! I want it everywhere too hahaha Your laptop case is just beautiful and I kind off want mine with a mix of color like yours. Will check this brand out


  6. Love the marble design of your case! This choice will never go out of style. And it will look fab in pics too 🙂

    xx Yasmin
    Bangles & Bungalows

  7. Omg this is way too cool! I’ve seriously been wanting a marble case for my laptop and actually one for my cell phone too. It looks so sleek and chic. I like the design of your laptop case as it is pretty different than other ones I’ve seen.

  8. I have a marble case for my i phone as well and love it. I am so loving your laptop case too, the mix of pink and marble is perfect. I don’t have a laptop, I use my I Mac at home but I am planning to get a laptop and a case will be very needed! Thanks for sharing Case App with us!

    Bisous, Josie

  9. I’ve longed for having a marble case on my laptop for like forever now and would really love to have a matching set with both the case for my phone as well as my laptop. These Case App products are really cute! 🙂

  10. I love the cases you chose with the marble and blush. I got a new laptop in January and have been wanting a marble case for it but don’t know which one to go with since there are so many. This review is so helpful and I definitely need to check out Case App for my laptop cover and my phone! Thanks for the details and the coupon code! xoxo, Christine
    Daily | Kongfidence

  11. CaseApp has the coolest pieces. I’ve gotten a few phone cases from them and I’m about to order a laptop skin. They’re way too pretty. Plus, the marble on yours is a blogger’s dream!

    Stephanie //

  12. CaseApp is definitely a brand I’ve been wanting to try for some time now. I am a huge fan of marble print and their cases are just so chic. I need that case for my 6 Plus for sure!

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