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Happy Friday everyone! I am so excited that the weekend is here. This week has been long and short at the same time. Am I the only one that feels like this? The weather here in California has been extremely bipolar this week. One day it is cold and actually feels like the fall I’ve experienced in the East Coast, and the next day it is super hot like summer never left! Be careful guys, this weather tends to get people the sniffles!

Even though the weather has been on and off, I actually like it because I get to incorporate a summer/fall look into one outfit. I wore a long sleeve body suit with high-waist shorts. The body suit has a deep neckline, and I absolutely love the way it looks when I wear it. The color is what I call “olive green”. I often never wear this color but something about this body suit caught my eyes. The fabric is breathable so don’t worry, you wouldn’t be hot! Since it isn’t too cold, I can still get away with wearing shorts in this California weather. I paired the outfit with tan booties, gold jewelry, and an olive green pom pom! My cross body bag has leopard prints that I think adds some character to this outfit. A plus leopard print is great for the fall fashion!

So today’s topic will be about taking action, whether it is taking action to make your dreams come true, or taking action to go to the gym, ask that girl or guy out that you’ve been secretly crushing on, keeping your promises you’ve made to love ones etc. I am talking about all types action! Action always beats intention!

Why do I think action is always better than intention? Here are some situations I think is necessary to take action instead of just having intentions.

1. Do you have a dream job that you want to turn into a reality? If so, you need to take the right steps and put some actions behind it, until then it will always be a dream. For example, my dream job is to be a full-time blogger, about 2 years ago; it was just a dream that one day I would be a blogger. I got tired of living in a dream and day in day out wishing to be one. I finally got the motivation to start blogging. After that, I made my move out to California and ever since I have been very active with my blogging on the side while working towards in making it a full time. I am so glad I took the initiative to start my blog. So guys don’t wait for your dream job to come to you! Make it happen.

2. Remember that New Year resolution of wanting to lose weight, gain lean muscle, and be in shape? I sure remember mine! Do you? However, I tend to make excuses as to why I cannot make it to the gym such as I don’t have time, or I’m too tired, etc. Trust me, I do this 9/10 times! I work a full-time job so by the time I am home, I am tired and I just want to sit or lie in my bed and close my eyes. We’ve all been there! However, I think about what I want to accomplish and what it can do for me such as keeping me in shape and it helps releases the bad toxins in my body. That is enough to motivate me to get up and make time to go to the gym!

3. Making promises to your loved ones and then not following through is a no no. They say action speaks louder than words. I truly believe that. I believe that if I made a promise to someone, I will follow through. You may have great intentions of making a promise to someone at the moment but not following through causes bigger issues. It causes trust issues and making the other person feel like they cannot count on you.

These are just a couple of things, but I think you get the point. Your actions are always better than intentions! Without actions, your intentions are nothing. Don’t miss out on opportunities at making something happen for yourself! Go make it come true!

Till next time!

Love Linh

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The bodysuit and the cross-body purse is no longer available online, however, I managed to find a similar style that I think would look amazing with the outfit!


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19 thoughts on “Take Action”

  1. Great post! I totally agree that while intentions are important, they won’t get you anywhere unless you take the appropriate action to follow through!
    I totally recognised myself in the second one – I always find excuses not to go to the gym (or go running) and have actually put on weight despite my resolution to lose it!! I always intend to work out but never follow through – so thanks for making me realise!
    By the way, I love that olive green colour on you and those boots are gorgeous!
    Julia x

  2. I didn’t know you were in California. Are you in LA? 🙂 Love the olive bodysuit. It’s so hot in LA. If you’re not near the beach, it’s just hot. By the beach, I wear a knit at night and actually love it.
    I don’t usually set New Years Resolutions, but I have regular goals and I set a couple for the first time in over a decade this year and those are more like lifestyle decisions to live by lol
    I love that you have great recaps and stay focused. So fantastic. 🙂


  3. You are a beautiful human being inside and out Linh. I completely agree that it is so important to take action! Dreaming big is a MUST but it does not help if we don’t have the courage to believe in them and take action to make these dreams come true!

    I love the look as well!


  4. You’re so pretty Linh! The olive color looks beautiful on you. I totally agree with you that taking action is so much more important than just having intentions, though having intentions is also important because if you don’t have a plan then it’s sometimes hard to take action. I’m happy to see you putting more effort these days in realizing your dream! So inspiring 🙂 Hope you’re having a fab weekend! xo, sharon

  5. The weather in LA always get so bipolar during the fall/winter time for sure. Haha it’s like super foggy and cold in the morning then it feels like summer again when it hits lunch time. I lovee the pom pom you accessorized here with your crossbody babe. I hope you have a lovely weekend.


  6. Love this post babe! Love the outfit and the way you styled it. Also, love the topic you talked about today. I completely agree! Actions always speak louder and sometimes it may be hard to take that step, but it’s always worth it when you do! Thanks for sharing this and have a great weekend babe!

    Xo, Samira

  7. Great post, babe! I’m glad you’re taking those steps to be the blogger you wanna be. It’s such a great feeling when you hit goals you never thought you’d reach and when you make friends that help spur you towards your dreams! Thanks for being one of those fabulous gals for me 🙂

    Stephanie //

  8. The fact that you’re looking as beautiful as ever is undeniable, but I REALLY needed these “kick in the butt” tips tonight. I work a 9-5 job as well AND this weekend we’re having a huge conference which I’ll have to be at 7 AM tomorrow morning. Not that psyched to work all weekend as well… But I AM taking steps towards becoming a blogger on full time, just like you. It’s just… we need more hours in the day. I mean I do have to put some things aside in order to be able to both blog and the full time job that pays my bills at the moment and that means I tend to neglect for example working out. 🙁 And I hate neglecting things I actually like. But we’ll get there soon sweetie!
    Have a great weekend! 🙂


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